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Working Out At The Office: 5 Gadgets That Help You Stay Fit at Work

Working Out At The Office: 5 Gadgets That Help You Stay Fit at Work

If your business requires you to be at a desk nearly eight hours a day, chances are you usually don’t have time to work out or exercise. Most of the time, you simply don’t have the time in the morning to go to the gym, and you might be too tired to go after work. The good news is, thanks to these latest gadgets, you can work out at work, and be healthier for it!

Our nerdy researchers have come up with the five best suggestions for exercise equipment to help you stay fit while you are around the office.

1) Standing Desk / The Treadmill Desk

You might have heard of the medical trend that prolonged sitting can have negative effects on your body. From organ damage to bad posture later in life, prolonged sitting can cause major health problems. So instead of sitting, why not just stand at your workstation. The standing desk is designed to help lower the risk of obesity while improving your posture. Additionally, you can also walk directly with your desk by implementing a “WalkStation“; a combination treadmill-standing desk. This allows the additional benefit of working out on a treadmill while sending emails to your co-workers.

2) The Exercise Ball / Balance Ball Chair

If you truly want to prevent potential back problems, then replace your office chair with a bouncy exercise ball or even a balance ball chair. By utilizing your core while you sit, these chairs can improve your posture while you sit and work, though it does take some time to get used to sitting on a ball.

3) Grip Training Tool

Perhaps you are looking to improve your grip strength but instead of lifting weights you need something smaller. Products like the Gripmaster or the Ironmind are small, one-handed, strengthening tools that you can use whenever or wherever you want, including at your work desk.

4) Desk Elliptical Trainer

What better way to improve your legs from the comfort of your desk than with the Desk Elliptical Trainer? Much like the normal elliptical machine where it exercises you through leg movement, this is a smaller version that can be placed directly beneath your desk for you to use as you work. In fact, most elliptical machines improve your body better than the average treadmill.

5) Dumb-Bell Alarm Clock

If you want to start your morning off right, then you should consider looking into the Dumb-bell Alarm Clock. More than just a weird combination of a dumb-bell and an alarm clock, it allows you to be active just as you wake up. This product is for users who want to push for a more effective workout schedule. When the alarm goes off, you will have to turn it off by doing 30 reps before turning it off, forcing you to be active if you want to turn off the alarm. It may seem a bit crazy, but the results speak for themselves, you will feel stronger each day everytime you wake up.

Working out can be a pain if don’t have the time for it, and not everyone can do that. For business owners, these products can help your employees feel healthier and improve their mood considerably. If you consider any of the products mentioned here, it is possible for you to feel better while making time for your own personal exercise.