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Wireless Vs. Wired for Keyboards and Mouse

Wireless Vs. Wired for Keyboards and Mouse

For any computer user out there, knowing which accessories fit your work ethic can have profound benefits for your productivity. While there has been an increase in popularity of wireless devices over the years, there are also many reasons in which one would prefer a wired product for your computer. In the case of a mouse and keyboard, choosing between wireless or wired can depend a lot on what anyone would want from them and if it suits their preference. Here are a few good tips to help you decide whether to stay wired or go wireless.

In the case of wireless products, they offer one thing that wired products cannot possibly give, that being the ease of portability and set up. For wired products, there is the laborious process of installing each piece into your computer and carefully setting up each device while avoiding tangled wires. With a wireless mouse and keyboard, you can simply connect instantly through Bluetooth or from a USB receiver without the added installation process, just flip a switch, connect, and go. It also works well for laptops, where you can use a wireless keyboard instead of the laptops pre-installed keyboard to give you more control over where you can work from. By having a wireless keyboard or a mouse, you can work with greater comfort and aren’t limited to a length of wires. The only major downside is that all wireless devices are battery-operated, so while they may last over a year or sometimes more, once their battery starts to go, they can become unresponsive. As a result, owners of wireless accessories must be sure to maintain their products and ensure that they are in good working order.

This brings us to the benefits of owning wired devices. For starters, wired products often function better than wireless products, primarily due to how some USB receivers tend to lose a solid connection as they age. Wired keyboards will provide anyone a peace of mind given the lack of concern for battery life, as well as a more affordable price tag compared to most wireless products. In the end, you’ll find that having a wired or wireless keyboard has their fair share of benefits. Whether you’re at home or in the workplace, the option that offers the most advantages is primarily up to you as the user.