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Windows 10 – What We Know

IT nerds and regular PC users have all been reeling after hearing about the announcement that Microsoft has made. According to people at the company headquarters, Windows 10 will be the very last operating system in the Windows series. It’s hard to imagine not hearing nerds like us talking about upgrading to Windows 11, or talking about the new goodies awaiting us in the next version of Windows. For some of us, it’s almost a tradition or a rite of passage. So, what does this mean for users? According to a couple of leaked reports and announcements, Windows 10 is going to be a major change from what we normally expect from computing. And, some of us are worried that it won’t be good for PC users at all. Here are the biggest announcements you should be aware of.

  • The upgrade from Windows 8 is free for a limited time. Windows wants you to upgrade and give feedback.
  • You will have no control over which updates you download. For some, this is not a problem. Those updates can and most likely will protect you from hack attacks, virus exploits, and other similar issues. However, there is a chance that the updates may end up hurting your ability to use some of your older software. Luckily, Windows has already released a patch that allows you to block updates that you hate.
  • It’s Windows as a service. This doesn’t mean what you think it means. It means that, yes, it will run on your computer as a regular operating system. But, they use the term ‘servicing’ to mean that it’s always up to date. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to be paying annual dues – hopefully.
  • The Start Menu is back! So is the old school practice of booting up to the desktop. We are elated about this. Can we get an amen?!
  • In the near future, it will be available for tablets and mobile phones. This is part of the “Spectrum” feature, which is supposed to make it easier to get the tablet-friendly app squares back on the map.
  • It also has some new controls and perks. There’s a voice controlled desktop assistant by the name of Cortana, cloud computing perks, as well as a new browser by the name of Edge.
  • It’s supposed to be friendly for computers, tablets, and even phones. We’re not sure how good this will be, but that’s what they are intending to do.
  • Really, it’s not called Windows 365. Microsoft did register the domain name, but the truth is that they did this because many people were under the (wrong) belief that that’s the actual name of Windows 10.

Overall, the first testers have said that Windows 10 is a good upgrade from Windows 8, and to a point, what Windows 8 should have been. Though it’s hard to tell whether or not people will embrace it right now, we have a feeling that it will be a hit with the PC crowd regardless.