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Why Mobile Integration Is Important for Your Business

Why Mobile Integration Is Important for Your Business

With the ever-growing popularity of mobile technology, there really is no excuse for any business not to have either a mobile-friendly website or even promote themselves through a mobile application. While web browsers from personal computers have offered the easiest form of viewing websites online, there are more users visiting websites from smartphones and other mobile devices. Most importantly, due to time and convenience, there are more people today browsing the web on smartphones than on computers or even laptops. The nerds at TechStarters are here to explain the importance of making your website mobile-friendly and how we can help.

First, we need to discuss the importance of having a mobile-friendly business website. For businesses, a mobile-friendly website grants the opportunity to bring in a vast audience of visitors who thrive in the comfort of browsing the web via their smartphones. A statement from Google in late 2016 reveals that they would index mobile-friendly websites over websites that were not mobile friendly. Without having a mobile-friendly website, your business will suffer a significant disadvantage against the competition that does have a mobile website. The process of responsive web development, or the creation of a singular website that can change from desktop screen size to a user-friendly mobile screen size, is something that all businesses should consider when creating their website or optimizing it for better search engine indexing.

This brings up an important factor. Most purchases nowadays are done from the comfort of a smartphone, especially with the integration of digital wallets onto smartphones. One fact to consider when focusing on mobile integration is whether your business could benefit from a mobile application. In other words, your business could feature its very own downloadable app for iPhone, Android, and Windows devices. This could benefit businesses that are selling products online and would like to offer users another way to buy their products. Mobile apps for businesses are also beneficial as they can feature a faster loading speed than a mobile-website and can benefit from a more mobile-friendly interface. This is certainly something to consider for e-commerce businesses that want to sell products and offer the utmost convenience their customers.