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Why Having a Server Can Save Your Start-Up

Why Having a Server Can Save Your Start-Up

Picture this scenario: you visit your favorite online store, select a few products to purchase, when suddenly an error occurs and whatever you were about to purchase does not go through. For major businesses like Amazon, cases like this are quite rare, as they have a dedicated team of IT professionals to ensure all is in good working order. However, for smaller businesses, if their store suffers from technical issues, it may require more than just one IT guy to fix. They need a dedicated team. Today, we are going to go over why any business needs a dedicated online server, and how a managed IT staff can maintain it for your business.

Firstly, a server is a computer developed for storing data that can deliver that data or process requests on a digital or physical platform. Depending on your business or how many workstations that are in operation, running one computer to process requests like delivering files, is never enough. You will need a place to store data such as customer information, project files, and even run an online store website. A dedicated managed server can host the space for a website or online store without you needing to lift a finger. Additionally, if a business requires more than five personal computers at the least, then a server can provide a place for files to be stored and protected.

If any problem were to occur, there is always a technician there to fix it at a moment’s notice. Server management is part of a managed IT package if it fits the needs of the business. For smaller businesses, having access to a service on par to Microsoft server essentials can help manage internet and intranet server access to a small infrastructure for a group of fifty employees. In some cases, businesses that use older versions of windows to run their business will often need help transferring their old server onto an updated platform. Thankfully, a managed IT team like TechStarters can help with running a server for your business.