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Why Backlinks Matter

Why Backlinks Matter

Establishing strong backlinks is the best way to increase your site’s rank on search engines.

When it comes to backlinks and site reputation, crawlers work in ways that are similar to the popularity contests we remember from high school. Getting your site linked to by highly esteemed pages is crucial to your search engine ranking, as well as your ability to give your site a good reputation. On the other hand, hanging out with the “bad kids” will result in both SEO and site reputation problems that can prove to be very detrimental to your site, your business, and your marketing campaign.

So, how do you know which kids you should bring to your lunch table, and which ones will only cause trouble?

Let us give you the scoop.

  • Educational Sites And .Orgs are generally considered to be golden. These are major reputation builders, and are regarded by Google as authoritative links. In other words, if you get linked to by a school site or a site address ending in .org, you’ve gained major popularity points. These sites are also considered very reputable by potential customers, too.
  • Major company and news sites such as Huffington Post, Wells Fargo, and Yelp tend to be next in terms of ranking. The more well-known and vetted the site is, the better it is to have them on your team. If a household name gives you a link, people will believe in your site and regard it as a trustworthy place. The same can be said for crawlers as well.
  • Popular blogs with high search engine ranking also are good allies to have. Never underestimate the power of the blogosphere!
  • Lastly, social media shares are always a good thing too. Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all considered to be top of the line backlinks by crawlers. If your site is very popular on social media, chances are people like it, too.
  • The worst neighborhoods for your site to be linked from include shady directories and sites that have already been banned from Google. Most crawlers will take this as a sign that you’re associated with sketchy marketing tactics, blackhat SEO, or malware distribution. As a result, neither people nor web crawlers will likely want to trust your site.
  • Oddly enough, search engine crawlers also tend to get leery of sites that are linked to by sites that have little to nothing to do with the topic of the backlinked site. If you own a site about dogs, and are linked to by a site that deals exclusively with airline safety, you might end up getting penalized by Google. This doesn’t mean that people will take your site less seriously necessarily, but it still will hurt your SEO efforts.

Basically, if you are working on SEO, you need to make sure that you get the very best out of your backlinks. Just like in high school, you are going to need to avoid the bad seeds and aim to be with the best in the class. If you don’t choose your backlinks wisely, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your ranking will plummet.