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What To Do With An Angry Blogger

What To Do With An Angry Blogger

If your company ever receives a bad review from a blogger, here are the three best ways you can go about handling the situation.

The blogosphere is beginning to carry more weight of many major companies including them in their marketing plans. More and more frequently, PR agents are paying celebrity bloggers to try out products, hash out reviews, and give companies a well-deserved shout out. Generally speaking, most bloggers are pretty positive and give great reviews.

But, what happens when you deal with an angry blogger who hated your company?

The good news is that the mention your company receives might help boost your SEO ratings. The bad news is that it’s a bad review, and that can seriously harm your ability to keep your sterling reputation intact. Despite the potential consequences, it is up to you to handle the bad review as best as you can to recover as smoothly and professionally as possible.  Here are three ways in which you can go about trying to achieve that.

  • You can ignore it. If you received a negative review from a smalltime blogger and it hasn’t really caused an uproar, sometimes it may be best to let it go. Sooner rather than later, you’ll probably find it to be water under the bridge. As a business owner, know that not everyone will be happy with your service, and sometimes, all you can do is just take their advice to heart (or with a grain of salt), and keep moving on.
  • You can address it directly with the blogger privately. If the blogger that delivered the bad review has a big following, the review unfortunately has the potential to become a bad PR problem.  If this is the case, you may want to privately address the issue with the blogger. Email them a professionally-voiced letter apologizing for their bad experience, and ask them what you can do to earn back their respect. However, if they are still unresponsive, you may have to move on to option 3.
  • Address it publicly. If the bad review is receiving a lot of hits and comments, it may be best to address the issue publicly. Our best advice is to issue a professional, sincere statement on their blog/Facebook page or wherever the review was posted, or on your own site/social media addressing their grievances. As hard as it may be at the time, maintaining your composure is crucial, regardless of how badly they may have trashed your company.

After choosing to address it, or not, the next step is to simply wait and see how it plays out. With time, even the biggest scandals will become memories of the past. So do yourself a favor, and let the blog post become a small blip in your company’s history, and nothing more.

If you want to speed things along, the best way go about handling situations like this is to keep them from happening in the first place. By allying with an online reputation management company to help bring more positive reviews to light, you can do wonders for your PR. It’s amazing how often a slew of good reviews and customer referrals can turn around a reputation! So have an open mind, keep cool, and stay nerdy.