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What is Off-Page SEO really doing for you?

Landing on the first page of a search engine results page (SERP) is the most prestigious and competitive application of SEO. Search engine optimization seeks to help you become the best at what you do or what your website is doing. Your page, however, is only doing half of the work. Off-page SEO takes place before a user lands anywhere on your site. When a user hangs on a results page and ponders which is worth opening first and which is being opened in another tab, this decision-making process is where your off-page strategy needs to shine.

Backlink Stuffing?

Google has a handful of dynamic algorithms that read your content to determine how your reputation is kickstarting your SEO. It’s important to understand still that strategies such as backlinking will contribute to your ranking before a user reads anything. Backlinking represents external URLs that reference out to your own. While keywords are perfect for wielding in organic traffic, too many are often harmful. Likewise, backlinks can quickly become detrimental to your webpage’s ranking. Link farming is when several backlinks may be deemed irrelevant and appear to be improperly directing audiences to your page. Google penalizes this tactic as it is capable of manipulating one’s SERP ranking. So when is the off-page approach worth it?

The good news is backlinks are probably not your fault, and sometimes not even within your control. Google Search Console allows you, the strategist, to disavow these toxic backlinks from rankings. One should exericse caution when requesting Google to disavow a violation. Your true next priority should involve asking the third-party domain owner to remove the backlink entirely. Google states: “You should still make every effort to clean up unnatural links pointing to your site.” In other words, disavowing is either a temporary or rare solution only.


After utilizing both on and off-page SEO tactics, you will have taken risks both in the interest of saving time and following guidelines. Black hat strategies will maneuver around Google’s penalties and avoid having your website demoted to expedite your SEO ambitions. White hat principles will cost much more time and demand a greater exercise of valuable keywords, but they may want you to forget that time is money. Mistreating either process will have separate consequences. #TechStarters‘ nerds are ready to help you rank higher on SERPs and introduce your webpages to new audiences. Call us today!