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Importance of Website Maintenance

Importance of Website Maintenance

There was a huge push for everyone to get a website in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Once the website was established, then what? If you compare a website made in 2001 to one made in 2018, you will see so many differences from fonts to imagery. In the past decade, web design has really taken off using little tricks to really make it unique. This article will explore some reasons to continually maintain your website (especially if you are a small business).

Customer Interest

                Imagine you are visiting a new city and you wanted to check out some places to eat. Upon Googling restaurants in the area, you click on the first one and the website hasn’t been updated since 1999. How would you feel about eating there? Probably not very good. In modern society, every top restaurant has a great website to match their continually growing business. Even if you aren’t a restaurant, customers will still view your site almost exactly the same way. Your website is often the consumer’s first impression of your company, so make sure it is a good one.

Having a well-designed website doesn’t matter if you can’t keep it functioning properly. Imagine having your customers visit your website, only to find that parts of your website are broken. Many companies lose business because of not having a well-designed and managed site. Your clients will become frustrated, leaving your site for a competing company. Along with design and upkeep, if you haven’t updated any of your content then the viewer will most likely lose interest in your site very quickly. If a customer goes to your website to check when you are open and the hours are still listed from ten years ago, they won’t be very happy with incorrect information being listed.

Search Engine Optimization

                Websites built back in 1998 were not designed for today’s function. Mobile friendly sites are a key factor for SEO. Mobile websites and SEO both did not exist back then so there was no need to keep them in mind while designing. When a search engine scans your website for content it also checks to see how often that content up to date. With neither recently updated or a mobile- friendly/responsive site your SEO rank would fall drastically causing very minimal traffic to go to your site. These SEO bots also check to see if you link to other sites. Chances are that most of those links will change over time leaving them broken on your site if not consistently checked. As of 2018, over 60% of business web traffic comes from mobile devices. Having a web design that also looks good on a phone or tablet is necessary to keep your company competitive.  SEO rules are always changing so that means your site should be too.

Corporate Image

                Professionalism is huge in 2018. If a company does not have a website, it is most likely a scam or a threat. Even if there is a really old website that looks like someone with minor technology knowledge would be able to put together, it would still be a good idea not to trust that company. Don’t put yourself in one of those categories just because you haven’t done any updating. Small things such as spelling errors and broken links make the site look poorly done to customers. These are easy fixes that can be caught at any time as long as someone is looking to fix them. Maintenance helps also with making sure you are not accidentally copywriting something else. If a customer sees you ripping off the slogan from another larger company, they generally don’t think this is a very qualified company. In the professional world, one of the first things you do is hand someone a business card. Just as those are used to represent your company so is your website.

Data Tracking

                With each update, you can track your progress and see if you are gaining new customers. You can also track your SEO rank to see how it fluctuates with each update you do. Websites that have database driven web design provide greater flexibility to website users. Many database websites use a popular content management system. A content management system will give your website the option to use powerful plugins or modules. Plugins help your online business grow alongside tracking all the information made from this growth. Techniques such as mapping, conversion tracking, and user recordings can help you understand how viewers navigate your website and what causes them to contact and potentially want what your business has to offer.


                If you are a trained hacker in today’s world, one of the easiest things to hack would be an outdated website. Your security updates and changes for specific reasons and that is to help you stay safe. An update typically means there is a flaw detected in the security and that you should fix that immediately to continue staying secure. Sometimes they will hack into the back end of your website and use it as a spam server, which can slow your website down to a crawl and eventually get you blacklisted. #TechStarters uses a Content Management System (CMS) to help maintain and keep your website safe from hackers.

Having a well-maintained website is one of the key selling points in today’s online world. It allows you to reach out to customers you would have never even thought to market to before. Customer interest is one of the biggest factors when it comes to updating a website. Since customers are what drive your business then it is mandatory to cater to them.  Search engine optimization is an influence that helps your business stay on top and without updates and new information your website would fail to do so. Corporate image and professionalism are two things your company can’t survive without because no customer would trust your business otherwise. Security is the most important internal feature because everything of value to your company could be at risk without it. Data tracking is another feature to help boot your customer interest. Overall, your business would be suffering to grow without an updated website.