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Designing a Website in 2018: Website Design Stepping Stones for Businesses

Designing a Website in 2018: Website Design Stepping Stones for Businesses

Once, I saw an advertisement claiming that I could build a website in under an hour. No sweat. I could just upload my photos, choose my colors, and add my logo. Boom! My website would be absolutely perfect, and I would immediately get customers calling my business.

What the commercial fails to tell you is that gathering images, creating logos, choosing colors and figuring out the layout is a lot of hard work. As a website designer for #TechStarters, I have heard many people try to use one of these easy-builder programs, and all too many times it is never what they expected. Let alone it does not give them the attention that the business needs. I am just going to say it, there is no such thing as an easy website! Websites take time to grow and bloom into successful representations of your business, and getting the design just right is not easy. Here are some website tips from #TechStarters that can really get your website design going.

1. Gather Inspiration

This is (most likely) the hardest step to do because there is so much out there. How can you narrow it down? Take a look at your competitor’s sites. Depending on the business, you might get an idea or two. However, that is not the only place to take inspiration from. Modern designs are taken from inspiration outside of the computer. One instance is Design Boom, not only do they focus on design, but technology and architecture. There, it is easy to see how certain aspects of design carry over from real world to digital. With their collection of images and news, you can also gather trends for a more modern look to your site.

2. Colors…. Did I Mention Colors?

Oh colors, how they can help you or betray you. In college, one of my professors did not let us use color on any of our design projects until we understood the color wheel. Now, no one needs to go insane looking at the color wheel and understanding all its rules, that’s my job. However, there is a tool by Adobe that allows you to pick out colors and see what colors complement them. Another added benefit from Adobe Color CC is that it shows all the CMYK, RGB, and Hex color conversions. Perfect for any web designer.

3. Social Media as a Tool

There are so many hidden benefits to social media. It is not just a place to post all your selfies, but a free advertising machine for everyone, including your competitors. Look at their campaigns and styles that are working for them. After, I challenge you to look at their websites and see if there is a correlation in style and theme. Is it vintage or modern? Warm or cool? Social media should always be thought of as an extension of your website.

4. Product, Placement, Presentation

Layout is everything when it comes to your website design. The way to find a layout is to ask yourself the three P’s. Product. Placement. Presentation. Once you have figured out what style your business is shooting for, this becomes a lot easier to do. For instance, let’s say your business is selling blue jeans. Are your blue jeans twenty dollars or a hundred dollars? If they are a hundred dollars, then try presenting them in a clean fashion. Colors are usually white or crème and the product is a bit more spaced out. This gives it room to breathe and allows the customer to see the reason for the price point. Twenty-dollar jeans may be a little more condensed depending on inventory. Regardless, it all matters to your business aesthetics.

Of course, website design has challenges at every corner, but with these tips, it can help you and your business get on the right track to success. If you have these steps but do not know how to move forward, call #TechStarters to help set up your website design. We will make your website vision a reality.