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Website Building 101: Finding the Right Method

Throughout the history of online business, the methods used to create a new website have evolved and branched out in many ways. Each method of course, comes with its share of advantages and disadvantages. Whether you’re a business owner who may not know a thing about constructing a website, or an individual who wants to establish a small but simple site, here are some website building methods to consider when attempting to build that brand-new website.


For those who’ve dabbled briefly in website building, this acronym may seem familiar. For those who haven’t, this may seem like a convoluted garble of letters. This acronym is used to refer to a type of website builder called “What -You-See-Is-What-You-Get”.

Pros: The pros with a WYSIWYG editor is the fact that you can see final product of your website as you’re creating it. Depending on the software, you will generally see a real time update of your website’s appearance as code as inputted. The other plus side is the amount of creative control you will have. With some coding knowledge, that are endless limits to what you can create and features you add to your website.

Cons: Well, if you aren’t an HTML aficionado, or are looking to create a robust website with a full-blown, database you may want to steer clear of this method entirely. If you’re creating a very basic and simple webpage and do have a very basic understanding of HTML and CSS, you may find this method the easiest.

2. Online Website Builder

There are tons of adverts for instant website builders that claim to grant you the ability to create your own site in minutes. This method tends to generate popularity with artists, small or start-up businesses with little to no following and anything else that may have only one or two people running the entire business.

Pros: There are tons of online website builders to choose from. They appeal greatly to those who aren’t as website savvy or have no coding knowledge. The online site builder essentially is your host and your database, so all you simply have to do is make your site and purchase a plan, particularly if you want your own domain name.

Cons: While this method may seem convenient, and it can also prove to be very limiting in regards to what kind of features you would like to implement on your site. Many times, adding more complex features require payment, and this can end up costing you more money in the long run. If you are planning to grow your business or already own a large business it’d probably be wise to steer clear of this method.


3. Open-source Platform

In case you are wondering what exactly this is, an open-source platform is essentially accessible software that can be built upon by other people to create something that can be used for any purpose. An example of this would be builders like WordPress and Joomla.

Pros: The wonderful about an open-source platform is that you can customize it to your heart’s content. This method doesn’t necessarily require too much back-end website development knowledge, as a lot of what you may need can be installed for free with the click of a button. Many people can contribute to open-source platforms and create useful features and plugins to be used for your website.

Cons: Not all extensions you purchase for your site can be free, nor are they all perfect. Depending on which open-source platform you use, you may experience some limitations, none, however, as severe as that of a website builder. It can potentially also become overwhelming to manage if you construct an e-commerce site using this method and generate a great amount of business.


All in all, the ways in which websites are created vary, all that matters is finding the website building method that’s right for you. With TechStarters, we can work with your business and remove the burden of creating new site, while implementing any features you need or require. Call a nerd today!

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