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Web Traffic and What it Means for Your Business

Web Traffic and What it Means for Your Business

As of 2019 Global Web traffic has grown to 158 exabytes and the predicted global mobile web traffic is estimated to equal 16 exabytes according to quantum run. Web traffic data from public peering points can indicate Internet volume and growth. These figures exclude traffic that remains within a single service provider’s network, as well as traffic that crosses private peering points. What does this mean? How does this impact you and your website? This blog post will go over what this all means, and how to use it.


An Exabyte is a unit of measure for data just like a Gigabyte (GB for short). The difference is the size, an exabyte is one billion Gigabytes. That’s a big number. Putting that into perspective, to download a two-hour movie in 4k defection it takes about 32GB. That means you could download 31 million and 250 thousand 4k movies in one Exabyte. Web traffic is 158 times this number, meaning that there have been more than 4.9 billion 4k movies (4,937,500,000) of information looked up, clicked, and sent. There is a little over 1.7 billion websites in the whole of the internet seen at internet live stats. So, how do you get your website or content picked or even seen in this ocean of data?

Web Traffic 101

There are a few ways that search engines (such as Google or Bing) filter out what is useful and what should be seen first. They do this using algorithms or a checklist of sorts. (#TechStarters goes into more detail about the algorithm here blog-algorithm).This is good, this means you can have your content check all the boxes and go straight to the top. But how do you do this?

Being First to Increase Web Traffic

Search Engine Optimization – SEO is the main thing to make your content get on top in searches. Part of the algorithm that Google uses, searches for keywords in your web content. Keywords are something that someone might put in the search bar. People search for the same thing differently so it’s important to try and hit all the combinations of the keywords that you use. To learn more about SEO visit another one of our blogs Techstarters SEO blog.

Stand Out with Web Traffic

Your content’s look and feel will keep people on the site and bring them back. It’s important for your content to have both the right design and good functionality. If your content looks pretty and intricate but it takes forever to load or is choppy because it’s too much, then it will not only frustrate your users, but search engines will just not have it show up. Like most things, beauty is in simplicity, especially when dealing with data.

Using Mobile Web Traffic

Most people have smartphones, and most of the time if they are looking for something on the spot it’s with their phone. When your content is optimized for mobile use then it will load faster and it will look and feel smoother on that platform. This will get another check from google and go up higher on the list in that instance. Since it is optimized it will give Google a better reputation and more of a chance to have their recommendations taken in the future.

Securing Web Traffic

An important aspect that Google checks off is if your content is http/… or https/…The difference between the two is that the “s” in Https stands for secure. Since you can pay for things online or use personal information, having secure content is essential. If that information is intercepted it looks bad for Google and it wastes so much time for you, Google, and your client.

How to get started with Web Traffic

There is a lot of web traffic out there for people and engines to search through; it will only keep getting bigger. Luckily you have a list of things to help you stay on top of it. You might need someone at your side to help with this checklist. That’s why here at #TechStarters we have the nerds to help you and your business keep up.