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Update Technology for Your Business

Update Technology for Your Business

If technology is well implemented, a small-scale business can have the chance to scale up. Whether you want to keep your company on the cutting edge, or just make a modern update here are some technology ideas to integrate into your business. 

Augmented Reality 

A picture is worth a thousand words but putting that picture in the real world can really sell a product or idea.  But what is an augmented reality? Augmented reality is the blending of interactive digital elements into our real-world environments.  This means if you were the headset or glasses, you see your actual surroundings with digital impressions projected onto it.  Business ideas are better received when they’re shown, not told. AR computing devices present a unique opportunity to bring your products and information to life. 

Updated Conference Rooms 

Having a conference room that is tech savvy really gives your company a polished look.  One easy way to do this is by using a wireless presentation system. This really simplifies the whole process for everyone, by letting you cut out the dongles and the time spent waiting while we try to figure out what fits what. Interactive whiteboards are another great idea for updating your conference room.  These whiteboards can either be a standalone touchscreen computer used independently to perform tasks and operations, or a connectable apparatus used as a touchpad to control computers from a projector.  

The Internet of Things 

The Internet of Things is the catch-all phrase for smart devices; from lights to Alexa.  These devices can help free up employees time, and thus increase productivity.  They can also limit mistakes if you implement a data entry component.  The possibilities here are endless.   


With fitness trackers and smartwatches leading the market, and there are two key opportunities for enterprises. The first is in the area of health, and the other is in the smartwatch space.  Fitness devices give you a new opportunity to encourage healthy and active lifestyles for employees by supplying them with fitness trackers. The benefits of a healthy workforce are obvious, and with the price of many simple fitness trackers so low, this could become one of the standard devices that employees receive. 

Then there are smartwatches.  These can be used to present employees with additional mobility, accessibility, and freedom over how they work, with the ability to make and accept voice calls and text messages and receive real-time updates, no matter where they are.  With the continued rapid development of the iWatch and Android Wear devices, looking at how to leverage these increasingly powerful wearable devices within your business could be highly beneficial.   

Cyber security 

Small businesses are being targeted by cyber attacks. A poll from Insureon and Manta, says only 16% of small business owners think they are at risk for a cyber attack. Whereas the reality is 61% of these attacks happen to small businesses.  To better protect your business some steps should be taken: 

  • Establish and maintain firewalls
  • Secure Wi-Fi networks 
  • Create user accounts
  • Require passwords and authentication 


Some of these ideas are easily implemented others may be more difficult, but they are all worth it to help move your business into the future.  For any technology that you need help implementing call a Nerd at Techstarters.  We offer Managed IT, It equipment moving, Office location setup, and cyber security to update your business technology now.