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Update Me: Why Patches Are Important

Update Me: Why Patches Are Important

Patches can be pretty cool – even if you’re talking about the sew-on types that you might find on a jacket or pair of jeans. If you’re running your business and you keep seeing notifications about updating your software and patching up network security issues, then you need to pay attention. Truth be told, we know that many business owners often ignore those updates and patches, not really knowing what they do.

What many business owners don’t realize is that a patched up computer can mean the difference between leaked information and a very frustrated hacker who hasn’t gotten close to your company records yet. Patches are made to cover up security weaknesses and other similar problems that are found in the software you use every day.

Believe it or not, hackers are generally lazy when it comes to using computer skills to get information or access. Hackers who want to get into computers and servers often will go for the easiest, most commonly exploited weaknesses and openings that they can find – the ones which are often “patched up” by computer companies. In fact, there are even hackers called “script kiddies” that use software specifically designed to exploit weaknesses in out of date software to do the dirty work for them.

By not patching up your servers, computers, and programs, you’re basically opening the door to hackers and telling them to come on in. Of course, if you want to make sure that your business and security isn’t compromised, don’t give hackers an open invitation in the first place.

Keeping them at bay is simple. Just make sure that your patches are up to date, and avoid installing obsolete software. Obsolete software often doesn’t have the support that current software has, meaning that there are likely a slew of weaknesses that can be exploited due to a lack of up to date patches. So next time you see that update pop up in the corner, don’t hesitate to stop what you’re doing and install it. It could very well save your precious information and business.