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Unplugged: Is Facebook Dying Down?

Unplugged: Is Facebook Dying Down?

It’s been rumored to happen over and over again since the early beginnings of the decade. Every once in a while, people hear rumors of a mass exodus of Facebook for one reason or another. At times, they say that it’s a reaction to the impending pay-for-play of the social media platform. Other times, it’s for personal reasons, like feeling that it is taking up too much time. With over ½ billion users, it’s hard to imagine the beast that is Facebook ever fading into oblivion. Yet, the rumors persist.

At TechStarters, we’ve seen a lot of social media sites come and go, including Myspace, Friendster, and Bebo. However, none have lasted nearly as long as Facebook, and to a point, we understand why. In the earlier stages of the net, it was hard to actually get a social media platform that made it easy to share, communicate, and network without it turning into a slow-loading nightmare. Most other social media sites never really were able to figure out how to cater to businesses without including tons of tacky banners everywhere. Facebook is streamlined, and much more multifaceted than most other platforms of the day.

Honestly, we see Facebook staying around for a very long time, primarily because of the shift in how people viewed social media.

Adults who saw the value in it began to use it (successfully) to make money in the early 2000’s, and now, it’s a common practice. It’s now a professional networking tool that gets people connected in more ways than one, not just a little site that allows teenagers to post pics. For some, it’s actually become an indispensable networking tool that can be used to promote businesses, contact relatives, and also promote yourself. Since it now has become a tool that involves making money, people aren’t so apt to toss it out anymore.

This isn’t to say that some people haven’t deleted their profiles and gone off the grid, though. If anything, theorists are right about something with Facebook. The amount of activity is now beginning to settle down a little bit, primarily because it’s no longer novel. There’s no longer as big a rush to show that you’re the king or queen of Facebook. Instead, people are seeing it as a utility to keep in touch with friends, to meet new people, and to learn about cool businesses. So, while there are still teens on the site, it’s not all about teen drama and who’s dating who.

Facebook has been around long enough to become ingrained in our society. Much like the way that cellphones became more than just handheld phones, and the way that cars suddenly became “smart,” Facebook has become a lot more than what it used to be. If you’re smart, you’ll realize what it can offer a business and work hard to keep your Facebook image good to go. After all, there’s still 500 million plus people on the site – and that’s nothing to sneeze at!