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Understanding the Google Algorithm

Understanding the Google Algorithm

We honestly owe much to the Google Algorithm. The most used search engine uses a formula that is ever-updating. Thus, the results yielded by various searches by users have been vastly improved. It has disregarded lower quality sites while favoring more relevant, user-friendly and trustworthy websites. That being said, not all businesses may be aware of the latest updates Google has made to their algorithm. 

What does that mean for you? 

Google is frequently changing its algorithms. There are over 200+ ranking factors for SEO. Therefore, it is possible to find yourself being ranked lower than you were before. You can even be penalized for poor SEO practices that you may have never been aware of. This blog will highlight three of the most crucial SEO offenses that Google’s algorithm now tackles. It will also explain how you can keep your site ahead of the algorithm. 

1. Duplication

Google algorithms can detect any malicious or wrong-doing SEO practices.  These practices are referred to as Black Hat and consist of plagiarism and any duplication of existing content. Google’s updates in these algorithms help identify stolen content that can be from an article or other writing, even if the wording has been changed. This practice is dubbed ‘article spinning’ and is now penalized by Google.

2. Low-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are links that are listed on a website that links to another website. If a backlink is from a low-quality or irrelevant website, it can be harmful to your website. There are various tools that you can use to detect any low-quality websites that may link to your website. It is important to take measures to discard of the link.

3. Poor Responsive Design for Mobile

One of the most impactful updates Google had implemented into its algorithm is the penalization of sites that lack a user-friendly and responsive mobile site. This is no surprise as the number of visitors who may go to your website do so on their smartphones. If your business has a responsive website, it is important to make sure it is optimized. You should always optimize your website for mobile, even if it is responsive.


Overall, keeping your site optimized for Google’s ever-changing algorithm is an ongoing process and especially vital if you want to grow your organic website traffic. The Nerds at #TechStarters can help you with SEO while staying on top of the latest algorithm changes. 

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