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Try the iPad Point-of-Sale System For Your Restaurant and Retail Industries

Try the iPad Point-of-Sale System For Your Restaurant and Retail Industries

The point of sale is seen as the time and location where a business transaction has been completed. Point of sale was originally recorded by cash registers, which issued customers receipts for payment. But modified point of sale systems first entered retail markets in the 1970s.

What you want today is a POS system that is user-friendly to help you make faster and smoother transactions, and one that will accurately track your inventory. The best idea we’ve heard along those lines is the iPad specific point of sale system.

The iPad POS system will make things easier on the most important factor of your business: the customer. The system provides real time data, and allows customers to make their payments from anywhere. It also helps you to keep track of receipts, along with cash and credit card payments.

And an iPad POS makes life easier for your business management as well as your customers. The automated iPad system can coordinate employee schedules, manage inventory, and create your payroll and other reports.

Reports of your profit margin could be that much higher with an iPad POS, because a cloud based system requires a lot less in startup costs. And the software as a service model used in the cloud calls for monthly fees for upgrades, and you can cancel at any time.

The iPad POS system received its most significant boost from Revel Systems of San Francisco. Their website explains that the company, founded in 2010, used the iPad’s mobility and the technology of the cloud to advance their product.

Revel says they make each Point of Sale to a business’ particular needs. They feature POS systems for the food industry like Food Truck, Kitchen Display and Restaurant POS. Other Revel retail systems include Quick Service and Retail POS, along with Stadium and Event POS for larger happenings.

If that isn’t enough, Revel Systems iPad POS also features easy QuickBooks integration. But there are plenty of other options available to order your new iPad POS system. lets your retail store, bar, salon or restaurant accept credit cards and cash payments, and easily print receipts.

Other options include PC America, which has been around for 20 years. They offer retail point of sale and restaurant point of sale systems designed to streamline your business day. Along with inventory tracking, they feature marketing reports and continuing product innovations.

POSitouch was developed for quicker restaurant service and more efficient operation. Vivonet, around since 2005, provides Cloud POS solutions. And if you’re looking for a bar POS system, look no further than ShopKeep.

ShopKeep’s iPad intuitive interface is user-friendly, which cuts down on errors. The system can keep track of running tabs on busy nights, and split checks easily. The POS traces the liquors that you sell, and tells you if you need to reorder drink ingredients.

More options to replace the cash register are bound to ring up in the future, as they have in the past. But unless they involve greater mobility, user-friendliness, and fewer costs, we find the iPad to be the best choice for your Point of Sale solutions.