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Top 7 Reasons Your Business Needs Search Engine Optimization

Top 7 Reasons Your Business Needs Search Engine Optimization

Is your business getting the maximum benefit out of its online presence? Search Engine Optimization, or Optimizers, makes your website more welcome to free search engines. SEO is a marketing plan or strategy that gets your site higher placement in a search engine’s rankings. If your business isn’t on the first page of a search engine’s results, chances are a potential customer who may be looking for you won’t find you. And the higher your business ranks on that first page, the more visitors will be directed to your page.

SEO optimizing can involve keywords, things a potential client may be interested in, and edit website content. SEO is just another service provided by the team at TechStarters. Here are seven reasons your business should be taking advantage of SEO today:

1.) SEO is here to stay, and your competitors are using it.

Your competition is already optimizing for higher placement on Google, so you want to use every opportunity to beat them out of those slots. As the times and your business continue to change, so will the techniques you can use to direct business to your website. Images and videos are other examples of different ideas that may rank high on search engines.

2.) The cyber world is going mobile.

Guess what? All of a sudden, there are more people shopping from mobile devices than there are using desktop PCs. The increase in people buying smartphones and tablets has led to more traffic going mobile. Google tracks mobile-friendly sites, and a smart business owner wants to play in the resulting traffic this time.

3.) SEO brings you a solid return on investment.

After a properly managed SEO delivers traffic to your web pages, what follows next is your bottom line: more revenue. The cost of hiring SEO professionals should be minimal compared to the added clients your business should see from their work.

4.) SEO gets you more exposure for less- and makes you look smarter.

A lot of the print advertising you did for your brick-and-mortar business cost less than it did to design your website. Without using SEO, your website may as well have cost that much more. You won’t be getting your maximum impact and exposure out of it without SEO. If you do well enough in sales by using SEO, it will improve your business’ reputation. Your high ranking in Google search will make you look like an expert in your field, and even earn you the right to increase your rates.

5.) SEO helps your target market find you.

All kinds of people look for businesses online. Most are looking to make a quick purchase, and won’t scroll down further than the first Google search page to find what they want. Good SEO strategy will help your business get near the top of that page. Clients have to find you in order to use your service.

6.) Effective SEO increases offline sales.

Today, statistics show that several people are using a company’s web presence to initiate offline sales at their store. Consumers often start by window shopping on the Internet and then visiting the brick-and-mortar store to make their purchase. Of course, it helps if the store is local.

7.) Keep up with the program.

Business is changing all the time, and so are your keywords as you develop the new inventory. You can get with the program and keep up with a changing SEO plan.

TechStarters adds that SEO will rank you higher in Google’s search engine than your competitors, increase your social media pages traffic, and build your brand awareness. They have performed SEO for insurance agencies, mortgage brokers, restaurants, and a whole lot more. They optimize your business’ potential by using methods specific to your business to drive long-term traffic to your website.