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Top 5 Password Managers for Anyone to Use

Top 5 Password Managers for Anyone to Use

Not a whole lot of people go out of their way to create unique passwords for their most popular Internet sites. It is wise to have a different password for every site you visit, or else you’re putting yourself at risk of having your information hacked.

There’s a lot going on in your world these days, and it’s hard to remember that many password. Besides, if you write them all down on a sheet of paper, what would happen if you lost it?

Nothing, if you put your password responsibilities in the hands of a password manager.

A password manager stores and organizes your passwords for you. These password managers usually encrypt your collection of passwords, and you only have to remember one strong master password to gain access to any of your passwords. We strongly advocate the use of password managers and have five of the top choices on the market for you.

1.) LastPass

LastPass is a free service, and you can download it in a few minutes. You can create an account with your email address and a strong master password. Then you sign in and start saving passwords to the LastPass vault.

This service uses two-factor authentication to enter the vault, requiring an extra step before authorization to log in is given. And LastPass can automatically change a password for you if you have been hacked. With the paid options to LastPass, a user can sync all of their information across their mobile and desktop devices.

2.) 1Password

This service stores your credit cards, passwords and PIN codes for you, and a lot more. It also improves your security by automatically changing weaker passwords or ones that have been duplicated.

The 1Password has a password generator that helps you select a strong new one when you need a password changed. It also customizes your password list to suit your needs. This system also features a digital wallet that holds bank accounts and payment information. And 1Password can be used locally, or you can sync its data to all of your other devices.

3.) Dashlane

Dashlane is a free password manager. You automatically import passwords from your browser into your secure password vault and are automatically notified if a website is breached. There is an automatic login for all of your accounts, and weaker passwords are changed or updated. And it uses smart form autofill to save your time.

4.) RoboForm
RoboForm has been around since 1999 and is easily accessible. Its master password encrypts and stores all of your password information. RoboForm automatically remembers all of your other passwords and takes you directly to a website with a one-click login.

And RoboForm is another that will remember your address and contact information, and fill out long forms for you through autofill. RoboForm offers 24/7 support, and you can sync up all of your devices with information through the optional RoboForm Everywhere feature.

5.) KeePass

KeePass is a free password manager that works mainly with Microsoft Windows. KeePass password databases use the most secure encryption algorithms to protect your passwords. It is open source certified, so you can check to see if the encryptions are used properly. KeePass has a random password generator and can import passwords from several file formats.

Reusing the same passwords on too many sites is a case of identity theft waiting to happen. I know it’s easier to remember that way, but if you lose your information on one site, you’re most likely to lose it on a lot more.Surveys have listed 12345678, password, and qwerty as a few of the most commonly used passwords over the years. Come on, you’re more creative than that. But if you’re not, you can eliminate a lot of security worries and put all of your creative processes toward your business when you pick the right password manager.