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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid With SEO

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid With SEO

Whether you are new to SEO or have been working with it for years to help improve your website’s searchability, it’s easy to miss little details that can hurt your websites’ web presence in the long run. The process of making your website search engine-friendly is a fairly long one, requiring you to make major changes to minor things, from the way your website is organized to even its name. 

Here are five important factors to avoid when you’re improving your websites SEO: 

1.) Is your business not listed properly online? 

Using proper directories with Google, Bing, or even business focused directories such as Yelp can greatly boost your website’s searchability. If you forget to take advantage of directories, you lose out on one of the fastest ways for customers to find you. When filing your website into these directories, you should always be consistent, put in as much current and correct information as you can, and most importantly, never make copies of your website on the same directory. 

2.) Do you have a bad website URL?

No matter what website you make, if you want your business to succeed online you need a URL, specifically a simple, clean, good-looking URL. First off, don’t worry if your URL is bad or if you cannot find the perfect one, sites like GoDaddy actually offer multiple naming options to choose from and at relatively low costs. With that in mind, consider what a visitor sees when they spot your website URL in full. If the URL of your site is too complicated, looks suspicious, or is vague to the viewer, then you will end up losing out on visitors just on the name alone. 

3.) Are you using low-quality images on your website?

A picture is worth a thousand words, but if they lack quality the words get lost in translation. More importantly, having high-quality images on your website will not only look clean on your website but also improve your SEO based on image quality alone. However, images that are tremendously large in terms of data (kilobytes/megabytes) can cause your site to load slowly, which can deter possible visitors. Image optimization software like Photoshop and Caesium or services like Google Pagespeed Insights can help you get the most quality from your images.

4.) Did you forget about responding to your online reviews?

Reviews are important for any business, but you have to approach this carefully for the best results. Simply put, having reviews is important, but they must be organic, meaning they should not be forced reviews by your customers. Additionally, never ignore a bad review; sometimes it can be an opportunity to respond to reviews directly and ensure trust between business and customer. A 4.8 star rating with plenty of employee-customer interaction can appear far more trustworthy than a stagnant 5 star rating.

5.) Are you taking advantage of social media for your business?

Despite the fact that most content through social media is impossible to pick up on Google search engines, just having a Facebook or Twitter allows you to communicate with your customers directly. It gives your business a more personal and friendly means of interacting with customers that helps with its overall image.

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