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The Three Best Ways to Back Up Your Data

The Three Best Ways to Back Up Your Data

It’s almost the end of 2017 and one thing your average consumer or businessman is reminded of when using a computer is to always back up your files. Especially now, with almost all our technology being automatically updated, we frequently forget to keep our devices backed up in case of emergencies.

If you are unsure about the most optimal ways to store your files, software, projects, or important data, then here are some of our recommendations:

1.) Jump Drives 

For easy file management, a flash drive, or jump drive, is the best choice for keeping files on you. They are inexpensive, on average costing about $15, but this comes at the cost of having a small amount of memory space, at most around 32GB. The best option is the SanDisk Cruzer as it is one of the most commonly used jump drives. The main problem with jump drives is that they are subject to having hardware issues, making it impossible to access files. But for carrying around word documents, presentations, or excel sheets, a jump drive can be convenient to have.

2.) Cloud Storage 

As much as we love to joke about the confusing nature of cloud storage, it still happens to be the most valued backup option when most hardware fails. Most cloud services have suffered hacking attempts in the past, and it can be concerning to leave your business in the hands of an unqualified third-party organization. We recommend Microsoft OneDrive since it is already included as part of Office 365. By signing up to a cloud storage service, you and your business will have a secure space to store all important files that you can access from anywhere, anytime.

3.) Hard Drives 

Considered to be the best option for data backup and storage, external hard drives are portable hard drives for easy storage. They can cost up to $100 on average making them extremely affordable for a single computer user. In addition, they can hold up to two terabytes (2TB) worth of space and have impressive durability.  Some are even waterproof! On Amazon, the best option for external hard drives is the Seagate Backup Plus for $140 that holds up to at most 5TB of space. There are no noticeable downsides to having an external hard drive, however much like with an actual internal hard drive they can break down for a multitude of reasons, mainly due to age. The best thing to do is to always buy the newest external hard drive and never anything old.  For your business, having access to all three of these options is necessary to ensure you have backups for your backups. After all, there is nothing wrong with making sure your business is prepared for file loss, so why not be prepared and grab one of each today!