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The State of IT for 2017

The State of IT for 2017

At the beginning of the year, we make our predictions and forecasts for the year ahead and with technology evolving faster than ever. IT teams have evolved and shaped differently over time with growing technology trends such as Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and even drones.

Here’s what to expect in IT for the coming new year:

Staffing levels will stay flat:
It is predicted that tech spending will remain flat across the board, despite the fact that 60 percent of IT professionals expect their company’s revenue to increase in 2017. Also, budgets are expected to be down due to political and economic uncertainty caused by earlier political events in 2016. Additionally, nearly two-thirds of companies do not expect any change in their IT staff that they employ. This means many IT groups will have to continue to do more with less.

Laptop sales finally surpass desktop sales at the workplace:
While global consumer sales of laptops passed sales of new desktops quite some time ago, there are still plenty of outdated desktops used in businesses large and small. Desktop usage has surprisingly remained higher than laptop usage in the workplace to even this day. However, the trend is finally starting to change and businesses have budgeted towards laptops for the first time for 2017.

Strategies drive Windows 2016 adoptions:
Windows Server 2016 promises to be a ‘cloud first’ server operating system that will offer improved visualization features in addition to enhanced security, more advanced software-defined functionality and better integration. These advancements make the upcoming server operating system a good contender and a solid option for those looking to upgrade from older operating systems.

Be slow to upgrade EOL software:
Just like in 2016, technology end-of-life software will be the number one driver of new tech purchases for the new year. However, technology upgrades often get delayed due to budget and time constraints. About 56 percent of businesses today are actually still running at least one instance of Windows XP, despite the OS passing its extended support date back in April of 2014.

3D printers will gain momentum:
We’ve heard a lot about the awesome potential of future tech such as virtual reality and 3D printers over the last couple of years, but is it all just hype or do businesses actually plan to adopt these emerging technologies? Well actually, nearly twice as many companies now plan to use 3D printers over any VR technology within the next five years, and adoption rates in the education industries and manufacturing industries trend even higher.

As on the company side of things, such as staff and budgets, IT groups can expect a lot of the same. Although on the positive side of things, IT groups can expect a lot of changes through the ways of evolving technology both inside and outside of their office.