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The Signs of Malware

The Signs of Malware

Any decently running computer can suffer great damage from a computer virus. A keen eye and the right kind of help is important in ensuring your computer stays in working order. However, nothing can be worse than a virus that can’t be easily detected by a well-discerning human eye. This is what we call malware, malicious software intentionally disguised as harmless software that can severely damage your computer or mobile device. Malware comes in a variety of frightening forms, such as spyware, trojan, or worms, and can access your computer by means of a suspicious download or a sketchy link. As computer professionals, it’s important that we discuss the key signs of certain computer viruses, and steps to take to prevent any such attacks.

Thankfully, there are a few simple ways to identify whether a computer has been infected by malware. For example, an often-obvious sign can appear in your browser. This includes but is not limited to frequent redirection from your homepage to another site, as well as pop-ups that litter your desktop. Another infection that is easy to identify but horrifying to witness is that of ransomware. We discussed in a previous article about a few cases of ransomware attacks, but to reiterate, ransomware is a form of malware that encrypts all of your computer’s files and promises to grant access to them in exchange for a large sum of money.  Alternatively, there are the less obvious signs of malware infestation, such as a suddenly slow-running computer, frequent crashing, or an unusual lack of free disk space. Unfortunately, there have also been cases where malware may be present within a computer that is operating normally, which can be especially dangerous. According to an article by USA Today, almost all modern malware can go easily undetected, especially if one does not possess the correct tools or programs to identify such viruses.

This brings us to our next step, in the case that your personal or work computer has been infected with dangerous malware. One key piece of advice is to always have your computer backed up, preferably on an external hard drive or via a computer disk. In some serious cases, one may have to erase their hard drive to eliminate a virus, so having your information stored on an external back-up will save you much time and trouble. Most importantly, having the right kind of prevention and anti-virus software will assist in preventing your business computer from being infected with many of these malicious viruses. At TechStarters, we offer some of the best enterprise-grade anti-malware software to keep your computer systems from running into any future problems and keep you protected from the sneakiest of viruses.