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The Power of Microsoft Dynamics: Revolutionizing Sales Technology

The Power of Microsoft Dynamics: Revolutionizing Sales Technology

Marketing tools have advanced outside of cold calls and direct mail; it is all digital now! Any business that seeks to improve their standing with their customers should use CRM tools. Customer relationship management tools (CRM) offer the means to develop strategies for improving customer relationships. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools provide the means to manage business processes, such as planning what products should be sold to inventory management. Incorporate these two programs together and you get an all in one business manager that can be great for small business. This is where a program like Microsoft Dynamics comes into play as an all in one tool for your success. Today we will be going over the importance of Dynamics and how it can benefit you, no matter how big of a business you own.

Microsoft Dynamics is a suite of programs that provide powerful, yet easy to use ERP and CRM business applications, including the means to collect product and customer data. You would more than likely come across several different versions of Dynamics if you looked it up, such as Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365, which we will be focusing on for this example.  Please note that Dynamics CRM is an older version that has been replaced by Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 is composed of several modules including Sales and Customer Service (CRM applications) and Finance and Operations (ERP applications).

One notable feature of Dynamics 365 for Sales is that it allows you to create your own marketing campaigns. It may seem daunting at first, but there are plenty of options to use templates to fit the needs of your business. It also helps create marketing lists that target a group of customers with similar needs. You’ll even be able to import your own spread sheets into Dynamics – from contacts to potential leads that can help you connect with your audience. It will even keep track of sales patterns. All of this is integrated into Dynamics, along with visual graphs that display changes in campaign activity.

Since Dynamics is developed by Microsoft, it integrates deeply with Office 365, Exchange servers, and Outlook. You can access Dynamics account and contact info directly inside Outlook, have Dynamics track your e-mails, and send and receive e-mails directly inside of Dynamics. Because Dynamics is a  web-based application, you can use it anywhere there is a web browser. You can even install a Dynamics app on your Apple or Android tablet or smartphone.

Overall, Microsoft Dynamics has numerous options to track sales, improve your customer relationships, and make marketing as painless as possible. What makes Dynamics a standout tool for any business is that it is scalable to any business size, even benefiting smaller businesses thanks to its affordable prices compared to the rest of the competition. As a Microsoft partner, TechStarters, can help you set up Dynamics for your business so you can get to reaping it’s benefits quickly. After setup, we continue providing 24/7 Microsoft support for  Dynamics, Office 365, and all your computer systems.