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The Importance of Version Control

The Importance of Version Control

Today most companies rely on the use of computers. Companies work on a variety of files and projects throughout the day, therefore, it is important to keep these items organized, up-to-date and backed up. Today companies have adopted the use version control to keep track of all these files and projects. To get started, we should know what version control is.

What is Version Control?

Version control is a way to track your files over time and to see what changes were made to them. It involves keeping a file that consists of multiple versions and organizes them appropriately. It is important to incorporate this into your business in case you mess up on a file. This allows a file to be saved every time something has changed in that file. This also allows a previous backup to be restored in case something goes wrong, such as a sudden crash. It allows for a project to be reverted to a previous state, so an individual may continue working where they have left off.

Why is it important?

Version control can be very beneficial to any company with multiple people working on the same file. Version control allows one person to make changes while the others can see what that person has changed, as well as reverting back to a previous version if they don’t like the changes. It is also a way to backup files. This makes sure that there are multiple versions of a file. It can also help in a variety of web development projects. Such web development projects are, if a website is being coded and one of the coders working on the site writes a block of code that makes the site unusable, you can use version control to find the problem and revert it back to a stable state. Here at #TechStarters, we are experienced with web development projects to help your business create a good first impression to new customers.

How to Use Version Control?

There are a variety of different products that are used just for version control. Other products will allow the user to use version control that is built inside of the development software. These can manually create new versions of a file every time you make a change. Others need to be manually updated or brought into the program to update into the repository.

When utilizing version control, there are some products that are to be paid to get the full service. However, most of these products only allow one person at a time. Be careful when making edits using this. If two people are working on it at the same time, it can erase what one of the users was working on.

Although, there will be other times you can manually include version control into your own file explorer. This can be achieved by making sure you save every time you make a change to the project you are working on. You also should change the name of the file each time you save it. This action will save confusion and allows you to see how many versions and changes you are making. This also allows going back to earlier versions of the file.

Be aware that if you are working on a very large file, there is a possibility of having 300+ different versions of this and can be very taxing on your hard drive. This process also does not back up every file if something was to happen to your computer.

In Conclusion

After reading this blog, hopefully, you have a better understanding of version control. Version control is very helpful for organizing and backing up files you are working with. It is also helpful for multiple people working on one file. Version Control is a great way to keep your files organized and backed up in case of the worse. With the amount of time, companies spend on the computer, looking into a version control software could be beneficial for your company’s productivity.