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The #Hashtag Formula

The #Hashtag Formula

If you have just begun using social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook, you likely have noticed how nearly all posts contain a hashtag followed by a word or phrase. Ever since the rise of Twitter, hashtags have been useful in identifying topics from a multitude of different posts. Today, one post can be easily forgotten hours later due to social media’s quick pace. To achieve a massive social media presence, especially for major businesses like Coca-Cola and even Microsoft, hashtags are essential for even the smallest business to stand out on these fast-paced social media platforms.

You can easily create a hashtag by adding a hash symbol (#) next to any word or saying. When adding a hashtag, it’s important to consider current trends and what your average Facebook user or Twitter follower would want to look for on these social platforms. What makes the use of hashtags especially effective in business is the ability to create a means by which people can get personally involved. For the promotion of certain events, inviting users to post a specific hashtag pertaining to the event alongside their personal experience of that event can help promote your business and establish a powerful connection with users simultaneously.

In the case of SEO, hashtags can be searched through Google to help add value for businesses who use them. For instance, using search-relevant or generalized hashtags such as #photo can add value to search results related to the businesses that use it. Additionally, using the most commonly-searched-for hashtags can assist social media users in being able to easily locate and view your business’s page. Programs like trendmaps can offer you a list of the most popular search results going on for that day, allowing you to follow up on popular hashtags that can promote your business. If you are searching for much more specific hashtags that promote specific services and products your business offers, we recommend keyhole to help research new ideas that fit your business narrative.

Maintaining a consistent social media presence alongside keeping up with the latest trends can easily become time-consuming and even overwhelming. Therefore, having a managed team of social media experts can easily help carry the weight. With the social media management services offered by TechStarters, any business can see an increased growth of content and clicks thanks to the integration of business-focused hashtags. With the fast-paced nature of social media, your business will reap the many benefits of having a tech-savvy team that can move fast and stays on top of the latest trends.