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The Difference Between SEO and PPC

SEO and PPC 

SEO and PPC have different qualities that are beneficial for different businesses. SEO’s results are lower in cost compared to paid advertising(AdWords and PPC). It may be the best choice to choose both of these because they work best when integrated and strategically aligned. This blog post will talk about the difference between SEO and PPC, as well as how they can help a business.


SEO means to improve organic traffic. Many benefits can help a small business. Some benefits are that it can help a business rank higher than its competition, boost your business social media pages, build brand awareness, and find new customers. Here at #TechStarters, we have many SEO techniques on how we can improve rankings. We have ways to actively monitor a business’s website. Some techniques are keyword targeted website design, external linking (when another website links back to you), crawler/ bot accessible – search engines crawl the web using automated bots, and search-friendly URLs.


PPC means laser-targeted visibility. Targeting is one of the many benefits of PPC. Ads can be targeted by search keywords. Another benefit is that PPC is agile. Speed provides agility. The feedback is very quick when creating something new. Here at #TechStarters, our focus is on providing client results. We do this using a hands-on approach to the pay-per-click management process. Call a Nerd to learn more about what is included in the process because pay-per-click is not the best solution for all businesses.


The best results are shown when SEO and PPC work together. One of their benefits is that there are keyword and conversion data from PPC that is fed into organic search (SEO). Another benefit is that they help increase confidence and awareness by having both strong organic and paid visibility. This may not be right for every business but it is the ideal search engine strategy.


In conclusion, SEO and PPC may both be right for your business. Many things need to be taken into consideration when deciding which one you need for your business. Here at #TechStarters, we specialize in both of these mediums. Contact a Nerd so that we can help you boost your SEO and find out if PPC is the right choice for your business.