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The Benefits of YouTube for SEO

The Benefits of YouTube for SEO

Ask yourself this: what is the second most powerful search engine used by people around the world? You might be thinking of Bing, right? Well if it was a popularity contest than Bing would win. However, since more than 77% of all people primarily use Google, it wouldn’t make sense for there to be that much competition. When it comes down to different options to search for businesses, the answer for the second most valuable search engine to use for SEO is YouTube. Based on this infographic by Mushroom Networks, YouTube is used worldwide as a search engine tool for just about everything. It’s used as a search engine over Bing and Yahoo combined, and nearly half of the internet uses YouTube daily. On top of that, websites use YouTube as their preferred video format to embed videos into their websites. The best part about this is that YouTube is owned by Google, and it integrates seamlessly into the Google search engine. This brings us to the point of this article, that having a YouTube channel or videos that link back to your business can greatly improve your websites SEO.

Firstly, there are many reasons to search for videos over anything else. It could be that you’re looking for something as informative as a Ted Talk or something funny and memorable as a catchy theme song from that television show that you like. Well with YouTube you can search for specific information much like using Google advanced search, from playlists to video quality, to even how many views that specific video has overall. The point is that videos offer a unique search option that businesses can capitalize on with their own branded videos.

Additionally, YouTube employs a tagging system that links keywords to certain video content based on specific search choices. This helps in improving searchability for specific videos and offering a new resource for customers to find your business even from Google. YouTube also works well with every social media platform to improve cross promotion and create an online community for your business.

More importantly, YouTube is the perfect place to promote your brand while cross-promoting your website. Consider how businesses have used advertising for years on television and how many of them had catchy jingles and memorable products. On YouTube, you have more options open to creating great videos that demonstrate your products and services without paying a dime since YouTube is an open media platform. Overall, YouTube is a valuable video service that doubles as a search engine for businesses to create their own highly searchable video content.