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Texting accidents, and other phone related injuries.

Texting accidents, and other phone related injuries.

We’re all familiar with the ways that texting while driving can lead to dangerous situations or even death. But more people are learning that texting can put their health at risk from an office, or even at home.

It turns out that all the time people spend texting is taking a toll on their body. Young people are just as susceptible to health problems as adults. I’m sure there are more injuries happening to people than you expected.

One of the more prevalent ones is known as texting thumb. Texting thumb occurs with a person’s overuse of a mobile phone, computer, and game console. But repetitive stress disorder happens when the repeated use of the thumb’s tendons, ligaments and muscles result in inflammation. The wrist is also often affected.

It is reasonable to use the thumb to press any key without much stress. Ergonomics points out that the thumb feels the strain when it travels inches across the keyboard completing the text. The thumb’s muscles and tendons receive tiny tears and become inflamed. The thumb is best treated by rest, ice or immobilization.

Other injuries that come from prolonged use of electronic devices could be related to carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome comes from compression of the median nerve in the wrist, causing pain and numbness in the hand and wrist. It is not known whether texting thumb is related to carpal tunnel but continued overuse of electronic devices could make the condition worse.

Research says one condition that can result from repetitive motion on games and phones would be arthritis. According to Everyday Health, adults could be facing osteoarthritis of the fingers and wrists if they spent too much time on devices as children. The repetitive motion and poor posture involved in texting also can lead to injuries of the neck and back.

Or even the elbow. If you constantly hold your cell phone to your ear or rest your elbow on your desk while using a PC, you have an increased risk of developing cubital tunnel syndrome, or cell phone elbow. describes cubital tunnel syndrome as a condition resulting from pressure on the ulnar nerve, or funny bone. Symptoms of the ailment include numbness in the small and ring fingers, soreness in the forearm and weakness in the hand.

But constant use of cell phones or devices is usually associated with the people you see on the street who are looking down all the time. Those people are the most susceptible to wind up with “text neck.”

Spine-health reports that doctors have seen the degeneration of the spine in patients that are much younger than they normally see. Symptoms include upper back pain, shoulder pain and tightness, and possible early development of arthritis in the neck.
We haven’t even mentioned possible eyestrain injuries coming from too much time in front of your PC. The best way to get around texting thumb and other repetitive strain injuries are to use your devices in moderation and cut back your time spent on them. You could also learn to switch hands on your cellphone, or even try finger exercises.

Think about getting more exercise, or taking a break from your devices from time to time. It could add a great deal to your overall health.