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TechStarters: There for You 24/7

TechStarters: There for You 24/7

From: “The Nerd”

Being “The Nerd”, I am still learning new things about the TechStarters as I go along, and hope to pass my experiences onto you.

Upon researching the TechStarters, I’ve learned that TechStarters was founded in 2010. TechStarters is headquartered in Cherry Hill with a mission to provide affordable technological solutions and excellent service to businesses.

But what can they do for me, you might ask?
A whole lot it turns out, TechStarters is a full-service company providing businesses with technology support & services. A few services TechStarters provides Managed IT, Social Media Services, Website Design and Development, Merchant Services, Mobile Application Development, Cloud Services, Technical Business Support, Networking & Security, SEO, and much more.

See, TechStarters is all about full service for their customers. Like all day, or all night long. What I mean is, TechStarters is an information technology company that has the only locally based help desk that offers live tech support 24/7, 365 days a year. You can get your problem resolved immediately, if not sooner.

In other words, the 24/7 service will fix issues for you before they happen. One element of that service is with your applications. TechStarters will resolve any issues for you while keeping downtime to a minimum, and improve the performance of those applications and your company.

TechStarters will also be there to manage your business’ information technology systems. Managed IT services will allow you to control your company’s costs for a flat monthly fee, or on a per hour or per project rate, depending upon your business needs. TechStarters serves businesses including law firms, medical offices, schools, government and more.

But wait, there’s still more. Cloud services provided by TechStarters are cost-effective, and will save your company the need to purchase expensive software. TechStarters uses IaaS, or Infrastructure-as-a-Service, to allow companies to purchase resources such as CPUs, memory, and web servers.

If you need a new website, TechStarters can help you there, too. They can build new web applications, provide website designs, and even create web software. After your site is looking good again, TechStarters can create a strategy for you on social media to help you build your company brand.

Now that you’ve streamlined your budget and your company is running smoothly, you can let TechStarters handle your potential security worries by securing your data to your industry compliance standards.

Anyway, what I’ve learned so far is that there’s a whole lot going on at TechStarters from just a bunch of nerds. The company takes great pride in its record of customer service and has quick response times. Did I mention that a live tech support help desk is available for customers 24/7/365? They must be doing something right, because TechStarters has won numerous awards, including many consecutive Readers’ Choice Award, so you know you’ll love the service we provide.

The company currently provides service to South Jersey, Delaware, New York, Philadelphia, among many others. Contact TechStarters for your technology service needs at (877) 932-0040.