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Your Business Relocation Plan

Your Business Relocation Plan

There is a lot involved when you’re moving your business to a new location. The move has to be intricately planned well in advance to ensure there is no interruption to your business services.

Overcoming the challenges involved in relocating your business is essential for your future success. In an effort to make your move to go smoothly and not break your company budget, we’ve put together a list of six of the best practices to keep in mind:

1.) Spend a lot of time on planning.
You need to schedule days when the actual moving of equipment will occur. You also want to notify your vendors and Internet service providers of the date you will be moving. Be sure of the space requirements at your new location and decide how much of your equipment will be going with you.

2.) Evaluate, and take inventory.
You should take a look at how much of your technology is outdated, and how much connectivity your new location can support. You need a report of how your systems are taken out and re-installed at the new location. Take a look at what you have and update it where necessary,  disposing of outdated or broken equipment.

3.) Backup your information; just in case.
Create a backup plan and test it out regularly while you are organizing for the move. Make extra copies of important company data, and store them in a secure place. There is not likely to be a disaster during your move, but you always want to be prepared.

4.) Cut costs where you can.
It’s an expensive job to relocate your information technology. The list of monthly expenses may suddenly include movers, costs for new construction, and new equipment. Careful, cost-effective planning far in advance and consistent communication with your departments should keep your expenses to a minimum.

5.) Check out your new office.
See how many phone lines the new location has, and see if that amount suits your business needs. See if anything else needs to be added to your new office, and evaluate the space you have available. Assess what needs to be kept or replaced.

6.) Just do it. Get moving.
On the day of the move, all you can do is migrate. If you planned well and assessed all of your needs well ahead of time, the transition should go smoothly, and it will be business as usual.

Last, but by no means least, the best way you can achieve peace of mind in relocating is to include TechStarters. They will protect your office technology, and make sure your daily business operations continue to run smoothly with minimal downtime.

Let TechStarters take the burden of moving away from you with their setup of employee workstations and Microsoft servers, networking, file sharing and printer setup, along with phone systems VolP and PBX, and a whole lot more.

Developing a proper game plan for your move and letting TechStarters take away your worries will go a long way toward your continued business success.