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Taking Your Business to the Cloud

As a business grows, keeping your files organized in a safe, accessible place can quickly become a growing pain. Initially, owners may simply use different forms of back-ups and extra storage. This can be through hard drives or portable thumb drives as a back-up or as a form of extra storage. However, your employees need to easily share and collaborate on certain files and projects. They also require in depth file sharing with clients. For your business, cloud storage is your solution.

Cloud the storage of data on a remote database. It is alternative to storing data on your computer’s hard drive or another form of local storage.

If you’ve been on the fence about taking your data to the cloud, here are the top reasons growing. Big businesses have been migrating to cloud storage as well.

Reason #1: Cloud Storage Provides Incredible Accessibility

One of the greatest advantages of cloud storage has versus a thumb drive is that you are able to access your files from anywhere with internet connection. This lets you work from multiple devices and not stressing the constant transferring files from device to device. Additionally, businesses can opt to share files with other members or clients via a link. This bypasses the need to send potentially massive files through email.

Reason #2: The Cloud Grows As You Go

The beauty of these types of platforms is the ability to expand storage space with the click of a button. Generally, many of these platforms allocate a fair amount of storage for free. Afterwards, business can opt to increase their storage as necessary, and for generally reasonable prices. This way, storage space is never inadequate, nor is in excess, as you can always opt to decrease the amount of desired storage.

Reason #3: Better Security with the Cloud

Another huge factor in regards to the use of cloud storage, is the fact of great security. Many third-party platforms offer the ability to encrypt files via password. Additionally, when accessing data, it is always transferred via an encrypted connection, ensuring the highest security standards are always being met.


At the end of the day, the decision to migrate to the cloud is up to the needs of the business. Storage platforms have come a long way, and more and more businesses are reaping the benefits sowed by the ease of this. Looking to make the jump to cloud-storage but not sure how? The Nerds at #TechStarters are here to make sure all your most valuable gets safely transferred to the cloud, give us a call today!