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Augmented Reality for Your Business

As we come towards the end of 2017, we can look back and see that this was a big year for reality-changing technology, specifically virtual reality and augmented reality. Products like the Oculus Rift have revolutionized the idea of virtual reality. However, today we will be focusing on augmented reality (AR), and how its application … Read moreAugmented Reality for Your Business

5 Ways Businesses Can Use VR

Besides the fact that the term virtual reality has basically been a buzzword ever since the 90’s, the technology of VR has finally caught up with the times. Even though VR has somewhat failed in previous ventures through the last few decades, its uses can potentially benefit other fields such as today’s business. Here are … Read more5 Ways Businesses Can Use VR

The Strides of Magic Leap

Imagine waking up and having a screen appear in the air in front of you displaying the time, date and weather. Then imagine being able to interact with this technology and have it perform all of the same actions as your smartphone. Well, this hypothetical scene may soon become reality—mixed reality that is. How It … Read moreThe Strides of Magic Leap

9 Places to Experience Virtual Reality at Six Flags

The popular movement of virtual reality gives a user a recreation of an experience through a computer-simulated reality. Oculus, which provides such technology with Samsung Gear VR headgear, says they want to let a user experience anything they want through the power of virtual reality. Now Samsung is partnering with Six Flags Entertainment Corporation to … Read more9 Places to Experience Virtual Reality at Six Flags