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The Nerd’s Guide to Computer Monitors

For the past few years, computers have improved their visual capabilities with brand new tech, including graphics cards, processors, and most crucially: monitors. Computer monitors have changed drastically thanks to the integration of the latest technology trends. Besides improving visually, the newest monitors are designed around touch screen technology, allowing users to use monitors as drawing tablets.  Most importantly, however, a computer monitor should … Read moreThe Nerd’s Guide to Computer Monitors

The Advantages of Managed IT Services

When information technology is important to your business, the bottom line is that managing those platforms can really be a strain on your company’s personnel. With more and more companies taking advantage of partnering with qualified managed service providers, your company can’t afford to be left in the dust. Managed services providers help your company … Read moreThe Advantages of Managed IT Services

TechStarters: There for You 24/7

From: “The Nerd” Being “The Nerd”, I am still learning new things about the TechStarters as I go along, and hope to pass my experiences onto you. Upon researching the TechStarters, I’ve learned that TechStarters was founded in 2010. TechStarters is headquartered in Cherry Hill with a mission to provide affordable technological solutions and excellent … Read moreTechStarters: There for You 24/7