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Liquid Cooling: What it can do for your computer


There are plenty of things to consider when building your first PC, but beyond motherboards and cases, you need to make sure that all of your expensive hardware does not melt. Computer fans make up some of the most important purchases for building any computer since they help keep graphics cards and CPUs from overheating. With … Read more…

AOL: A Legacy of Instant Messaging


Instant messaging has become integrated into our daily existence, so much so that young Americans send over two thousand texts a month just from their favorite messengers. Yet when you think about the history of instant messaging, we forget that it was America Online that pioneered the concept since the early 2000’s. Times have changed; companies … Read more…

Gamification for Business: Redefining Productivity


Even with all the advancements developers made in technology for business, being unproductive is a problem for some people, especially if there are deadlines involved. Whether you enjoy getting work done or not, sometimes it can be hard to be productive in the workplace, and that can lead to serious problems. However, instead … Read more…

The Nerd’s Guide to Computer Monitors


For the past few years, computers have improved their visual capabilities with brand new tech, including graphics cards, processors, and most crucially: monitors. Computer monitors have changed drastically thanks to the integration of the latest technology trends. Besides improving visually, the newest monitors are designed around touch screen technology, allowing users to use monitors as drawing tablets.  Most importantly, … Read more…