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Dark Social Tracking: An Untapped Way to Improve Your SEO


Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best method for building links between your website and other websites to create visitor traffic over a long period of time. Unfortunately, this means that alternatives like social networks are not as good for SEO simply because Google is limited to how much information from social media websites it can track and use in the search engine algorithm. This is where Dark Social comes … Read more…

Google Plus Can Help Your Business Grow!


Everyone online knows that the most popular social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but we often forget about Google Plus. Started in 2011, it is owned and developed by Google as their fourth attempt at creating a social network. Although all of Google Plus has similar features to Facebook, from posting statuses to … Read more…

24/7 Social: Why Social Media Helps 24/7 Customer Support Work


What do you think of when you hear that a business offers 24/7 customer support? Could your business offer a similar service? We here at TechStarters believe that a round-the-clock IT customer support should respond to problems as quickly as possible and engage with our clientele. So when we say you need to … Read more…