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Ransomware: Do’s and Don’ts


Logging in to your computer one morning, it opens to a screen claiming the computer is locked and your files encrypted. It presents you with the option to recover your files, at an incredibly steep price. When you attempt to access one of your latest files, you see some gibberish text. Again you try to … Read moreRansomware: Do’s and Don’ts

Beware: Credit Card Skimmers

For most Americans, the most common method of payment for products, gas, or virtually anything else is that of credit and debit cards. According to, the majority of 18 to 24 year old’s, as well as the middle-aged crowd, prefer to use credit cards as their payment method. As a result, credit card theft … Read moreBeware: Credit Card Skimmers

Biometrics for Your Business: Fingerprint Scanners and More

Security is always an important factor when it comes to your business. Here at TechStarters, we not only care about digital security, such as encrypting and protecting file servers for your business, but we believe in physical security as well. From locking your doors to your office or front door to having a safe, there … Read moreBiometrics for Your Business: Fingerprint Scanners and More

4 Ways to Protect and Secure Customer Data

A breach in customer data is surprisingly common in today’s world of businesses. Unwanted cyber criminals have evolved to become smarter and more elusive as technology has progressed over time. Even though cyber warfare has been an ongoing threat, this doesn’t mean you and your business have to sit and be vulnerable. With the appropriate … Read more4 Ways to Protect and Secure Customer Data

Android Users Still Plagued by Malware

Malware is software that is designed to disable or harm a computer system. It comes in the form of computer viruses, spyware, adware, ransomware, Trojan horses, and many others. It often leads to a substantial windfall for cyber criminals. Androids have been vulnerable to malware attacks over the years. That’s because Google’s Android applications market … Read moreAndroid Users Still Plagued by Malware