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Top 7 Virtual Personal Assistants

Does the pace of today’s highly tech-oriented society leave you highly disorganized? Perhaps you need to make some of that technology work in your favor to get a daily schedule going. A lot of companies have been developing their own personal assistants to help you put your days back together. It started in 2011 when … Read moreTop 7 Virtual Personal Assistants

3 Big Ways to Improve Your Mobile Security Right Now

Mobile security is becoming a rising concern throughout our workplace and our daily lives, especially when we use those same devices all the time. There are more people than ever before relying on mobile structures to complete their day-to-day tasks, either at home or in the office. Implementing mobile security strategies should not only cover … Read more3 Big Ways to Improve Your Mobile Security Right Now

5 Leading iPad Point of Sale Systems

The point of sale is where the action takes place in your business. You need your software to be current, and for transactions to move smoothly and quickly for your customers. POS systems have come a long way since cash registers. Some kind of system for completing business sales has been around for about 40 … Read more5 Leading iPad Point of Sale Systems