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5 Smartphone Apps That Can Replace Your Wallet

Got too much junk crammed in your wallet? Store it in your smartphone. Got a ton of credit cards stuffed in that same wallet? Now you can pay bills with your smartphone. Society is reaching a point where physical currency may not be seen during the course of an average business day. More people are … Read more5 Smartphone Apps That Can Replace Your Wallet

5 Apps That Can Help You Sleep

Modern technology has made our lives easier in a number of ways, but it has also contributed toward keeping Americans up nights. Recent studies have indicated that much of the country isn’t getting enough sleep. Everything we’ve been told says that adults need eight hours of sleep a night. But research says we’re falling far … Read more5 Apps That Can Help You Sleep

Top 7 Virtual Personal Assistants

Does the pace of today’s highly tech-oriented society leave you highly disorganized? Perhaps you need to make some of that technology work in your favor to get a daily schedule going. A lot of companies have been developing their own personal assistants to help you put your days back together. It started in 2011 when … Read moreTop 7 Virtual Personal Assistants