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The Impact of Technology in Marketing

Introduction Today in 2018, most people have access to the internet and technology, and has impacted our daily lives. There are lots of people who have smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and much more. Technology is a shift that is constantly changing and will never go back to what it once was years ago. Do … Read moreThe Impact of Technology in Marketing

Six SEO Strategies for Small Business

If you’re a small business owner or even a marketer for the small business you work for, then search engine optimization is the key to producing an effective method of bringing in future customers. In order to do this, you’ll need to let search engines like Google or Bing know where you’re located and what … Read moreSix SEO Strategies for Small Business

5 Examples of Product Placement in Film and Television

The major companies have been flooding the highest-rated programs with commercials over the past few years to increased business success. However, with commercial-free services like Hulu and Netflix, this now results in networks cutting back on commercials because viewers can stream shows without advertisements. So, what can an advertiser do in place of running their … Read more5 Examples of Product Placement in Film and Television

Tech Savvy Advertising Topping Charts

There was once a day when print and television advertisements were the most effective ways for a company to reach its intended audience. However, as the prevalence of digital screens and electronic devices expands across the realm of consumerism, advertising has since adapted to a much more technologically-based field. Internet Advertising According to the international … Read moreTech Savvy Advertising Topping Charts

5 Point-of-Service System Priorities

In recent news, Vantiv, a U.S.-based payment processing and technology provider, has released a new point-of-service (POS) security suite designed to help protect merchants from fraud, breaches and compliance issues, according to Business Solutions. The security bundle, named OmniShield Assure, is said to include chip card acceptance, encryption and tokenization. This system will assist in … Read more5 Point-of-Service System Priorities