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How to Optimize Your Windows 10 Experience

Now that Windows 10 has been in full swing on various home and business computers for a little over a year, it’s no surprise that users have made a list of general annoyances that may become bothersome over the course of using an operating system. There’s always features an operating system might add that we the users … Read more

5 Examples of Product Placement in Film and Television

The major companies have been flooding the highest-rated programs with commercials over the past few years to increased business success. However, with commercial-free services like Hulu and Netflix, this now results in networks cutting back on commercials because viewers can stream shows without advertisements. So, what can an advertiser do in place of running their … Read more

Backlinks: How To Get Them & What They Are

Backlinks, along with other factors, determine how well your website is ranked on search engines. We’ll tell you what they are and how to get them for SEO. In order to get clout in the SEO game, you will have to have sites that refer people to your website. When a site links back to … Read more

5 Ways To Destroy Your Business SEO Efforts

SEO literally can make or break your ability to get clients, attention, and good press. A good SEO game plan can boost your company into major media visibility and can make YOU a household name. On the other hand, a bad SEO strategy can make your site look like a dodgy company, can fade you … Read more