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Cyber Security Blunders of 2019

Cyber Security

The year is coming to an end and 2019 has had its fair share of cyber security blunders. Leading to headlines of hacks, scams, and leaks. Some issues were unavoidable for the public as some were very avoidable. In 2019, we saw a lot of news coming out about leaks, invasion of privacy, and ransomware. … Read moreCyber Security Blunders of 2019

Five Other Noteworthy Computer Hackers

In August 2016, reports came out that Twitter had suspended the account of a hacker who leaked the Democratic National Committee’s emails that revealed information stolen in a cyber security incident. Wikileaks had leaked about 20,000 DNC emails about a few weeks earlier. A hacker is a user who looks for weaknesses to exploit in … Read moreFive Other Noteworthy Computer Hackers

5 Common Ways A Business Is Hacked

Hackers can be devastating to a business. There have been times when a single hacker attack had caused companies to bottom up. While it’s never good to have your company targeted, there are definitely some attacks that are worse than others. Here are five of the very worst hacker attacks that can hit a company … Read more5 Common Ways A Business Is Hacked

Hospital Hacks: What You Should Know

Hospital Hacks: What You Should Know

The latest wave of hospital hacking show that your information and security are at risk. Here’s what you should know about these security breaches. If you’ve been paying attention to hacking news lately, then you’ve probably noticed that there have been multiple hospitals and health insurance groups that have had major security breaches. (Heck, even … Read moreHospital Hacks: What You Should Know