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Social Media Etiquette for Businesses

Given the millions of users spending their time on Facebook and Twitter, there is undoubtedly a right and wrong way to use social media if you are a business. For businesses trying to advertise or even promote themselves online, social media is the perfect spot to meet new customers and even connect with them. However, … Read moreSocial Media Etiquette for Businesses

Social Communities: A Guide to Building Business Around Social Groups

Using Facebook for your business can provide a great avenue for finding new customers, especially if you take advantage of the social communities found on the network. Social communities like Facebook Groups are made by people as forums for anything, from television series to even product discussions; it’s all integrated into Facebook. For the average user base, it can be a great way to meet people … Read moreSocial Communities: A Guide to Building Business Around Social Groups

Facebook Media: Videos for Your Business Page

It is unsurprising to see that a company like Facebook integrate video in their social network. Since 2015, Facebook has integrated their own video player to allow users to upload their own videos the same way you would post a photo on your Facebook page. The question is what can that do for your business? The answer is, a … Read moreFacebook Media: Videos for Your Business Page

Facebook and Social Media: Bad For Your Health?

A lot of people spend large portions of their days posting checking their status on Facebook. Some of us may tend to overdo it and question how much time spent on social media is too much. A recent study has determined that a person’s activity on Facebook can help in an understanding of their mental … Read moreFacebook and Social Media: Bad For Your Health?

Unplugged: Is Facebook Dying Down?

It’s been rumored to happen over and over again since the early beginnings of the decade. Every once in a while, people hear rumors of a mass exodus of Facebook for one reason or another. At times, they say that it’s a reaction to the impending pay-for-play of the social media platform. Other times, it’s … Read moreUnplugged: Is Facebook Dying Down?