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Technology’s Role in Recovering From Disasters

An earthquake that shook Oklahoma in September 2016 reopened a debate about the link between underground wastewater disposal and quakes in that state. No major injuries were reported in the 5.6 magnitude quake that reports say was felt as far away as Arizona. The Oklahoma Corporation Commission called for 37 wells around the epicenter of … Read moreTechnology’s Role in Recovering From Disasters

The Essentials to Cover in a Disaster Recovery Plan

A serious loss of all your data throughout your business can occur when you least expect it. You would never want your data to be corrupted at any point in time. Naturally, it’s essential to set in a place a disaster recovery checklist for your business. As you can see, here we have given the five … Read moreThe Essentials to Cover in a Disaster Recovery Plan

Planning for Disaster Recovery

Many times losing personal or professional data files can cause major stress as it brings one’s day to day operations to a halt. Especially important amongst business professionals, have a strong disaster recovery plan can make the difference in the ability to provide services to customers despite certain unforeseen events. From natural disasters to security … Read morePlanning for Disaster Recovery