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Five Choices For Anti-Virus Protection

It seems that many of us have become slaves to our smartphones. We are keeping our most important information there, or on our personal computers. Unfortunately, once your private material goes out on the Internet, it becomes vulnerable to viruses, malicious software, and even adware waiting to attack your computer. Some adware actually uses popup … Read moreFive Choices For Anti-Virus Protection

‘Cleaning Up’ Antivirus Purchasing

In a world where having your computer system hacked is as ordinary as the common cold, tech-users have found it increasingly important to acquire some type of antivirus protection. These programs are designed to prevent, detect and remove all malicious computer viruses and software, keeping your system secure. However, what happens when your antivirus company … Read more‘Cleaning Up’ Antivirus Purchasing

The Importance Of SSL Certification And Security

Most site owners don’t really know much about network security or even keeping their website safe from hackers. They usually assume that a minimal amount of protection is all that’s needed to keep the bad guys at bay. While many sites may squeak by with a small amount maintenance, e-commerce sites such as online stores … Read moreThe Importance Of SSL Certification And Security

5 Awesome Tips That Keeps Your Computer Safe

Here at TechStarters, we’ve seen all kinds of hack attempts imaginable. From PR smear campaigns, to viruses, bugs and even attacks on vulnerable IT infrastructures. Most of these attacks can be prevented with the right steps, but more often than not, they aren’t. Why is that? It’s simple – people don’t always know how to … Read more5 Awesome Tips That Keeps Your Computer Safe