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Zero-Day: The Most Dangerous Form of Cyber Attack

If there was a proper word to describe some of the worst kind of cyber-attacks, it would be catastrophic. Businesses that rely on computers daily, from healthcare professionals to banks that people rely on daily are targets of cyber attacks. However, nothing is worse than having an entire system of servers, or computers be exploited by a single flaw within a system. … Read moreZero-Day: The Most Dangerous Form of Cyber Attack

How Ransomware Attacks Your Business

It is no surprise how malicious ransomware can be for a business, especially when the people behind these attacks can obtain full control over any business they choose to attack. Ransomware is a form of malware that locks your computer and encrypts your data, forcing you to pay a hefty fee to access your computer. … Read moreHow Ransomware Attacks Your Business

Don’t Get Phished: The Importance of Anti-Phishing Solutions

We have seen stories before about receiving suspicious emails from well-known companies asking for your personal information to protect you from a possible security attack. If you have received anything like this, you might have almost been the victim of a phishing scam. The good news is you can take the steps right now to ensure that … Read moreDon’t Get Phished: The Importance of Anti-Phishing Solutions

Pineapple Wi-Fi: A Cyber Security Threat

If you have been in the city, a restaurant, or any area with large amounts of people in one area, you may have noticed some free Wi-Fi spots. It might seem tempting to just connect to any open Wi-Fi spot, but if you knew about Pineapple, then you’d want to reconsider from now on.  The Wi-Fi Pineapple is a hacking device that, on the surface, acts a free wireless … Read morePineapple Wi-Fi: A Cyber Security Threat