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Gamification for Business: Redefining Productivity


Even with all the advancements developers made in technology for business, being unproductive is a problem for some people, especially if there are deadlines involved. Whether you enjoy getting work done or not, sometimes it can be hard to be productive in the workplace, and that can lead to serious problems. However, instead … Read more…

The Nerd’s Guide to Computer Monitors


For the past few years, computers have improved their visual capabilities with brand new tech, including graphics cards, processors, and most crucially: monitors. Computer monitors have changed drastically thanks to the integration of the latest technology trends. Besides improving visually, the newest monitors are designed around touch screen technology, allowing users to use monitors as drawing tablets.  Most importantly, … Read more…

The Best Hardware to Use with your POS System


Has your business recently implemented the latest point-of-sales software to replace your old cash register? Then you’re in luck, because you are working with the latest in sales technology to make your business faster, using programs such as Square or QuickBooks to get the job done. However the software isn’t everything, you’ll need the … Read more…

24/7 Social: Why Social Media Helps 24/7 Customer Support Work


What do you think of when you hear that a business offers 24/7 customer support? Could your business offer a similar service? We here at TechStarters believe that a round-the-clock IT customer support should respond to problems as quickly as possible and engage with our clientele. So when we say you need to … Read more…