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Planning for Disaster Recovery

Many times losing personal or professional data files can cause major stress as it brings one’s day to day operations to a halt. Especially important amongst business professionals, have a strong disaster recovery plan can make the difference in the ability to provide services to customers despite certain unforeseen events. From natural disasters to security … Read morePlanning for Disaster Recovery

‘Cleaning Up’ Antivirus Purchasing

In a world where having your computer system hacked is as ordinary as the common cold, tech-users have found it increasingly important to acquire some type of antivirus protection. These programs are designed to prevent, detect and remove all malicious computer viruses and software, keeping your system secure. However, what happens when your antivirus company … Read more‘Cleaning Up’ Antivirus Purchasing

5 Things To Never Post On Facebook

5 Things To Never Post On Facebook

Facebook is a great way to share information and connect to others, but using Facebook can lead to missed opportunities and even legal issues. Here’s what not to do on Facebook. Viewing profiles on Facebook has become the informal de facto method for conducting background checks on current employees and potential hires. Employers already have … Read more5 Things To Never Post On Facebook