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Facebook and Social Media: Bad For Your Health?

A lot of people spend large portions of their days posting checking their status on Facebook. Some of us may tend to overdo it and question how much time spent on social media is too much. A recent study has determined that a person’s activity on Facebook can help in an understanding of their mental … Read moreFacebook and Social Media: Bad For Your Health?

Give Technology a Break!

In today’s business world along with that of the average citizen, technology consumes a large part of our lives. Small business owners have to keep their brands in the mainstream on Facebook, Twitter and the like to maximize their potential contacts and revenue earning. So you update your home page every time your industry gets … Read moreGive Technology a Break!

Feeling an Addiction to the Internet? 6 Ways That Can Break It

In today’s age of technology, you often have to spend a lot of hours online in an effort to earn your company revenue. Are you able to stay focused on your job assignments? How is your self-control when it comes to devoting all of your time at the office to that bottom line? And you … Read moreFeeling an Addiction to the Internet? 6 Ways That Can Break It

Are You Hooked on Technology?

Despite all the advantages we’ve gained from modern technology, it seems that many of us have carried things too far. The first clue might have been when people at a family dinner spend more of their time checking their cell phones rather than enjoying each other’s company. Chronic technology use can actually amount to an … Read moreAre You Hooked on Technology?