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Social Communities: A Guide to Building Business Around Social Groups

Social Communities: A Guide to Building Business Around Social Groups

Using Facebook for your business can provide a great avenue for finding new customers, especially if you take advantage of the social communities found on the network. Social communities like Facebook Groups are made by people as forums for anything, from television series to even product discussions; it’s all integrated into Facebook. For the average user base, it can be a great way to meet people online and discuss their favorite things. For a business, it can be the best way to introduce your products and brand to your customers. In this article, we will discuss how Facebook social groups can be useful for business and the best practices to keep in mind when introducing yourself as a business online. 

First things first, what are Facebook groups? They are social communities that can be found exclusively on Facebook and through keyword searches. From there, you can join or create groups that fit your hobbies, or most importantly, your business. Additionally, Facebook follows specific guidelines regarding page creation and management, including rules on page content containing no fraudulent information whatsoever. 

Introducing yourself is key to creating better business relationships, though you should be careful about how you introduce yourself to these groups since some frown upon self-promotion. Plus, you should be visiting groups that relate to your business, anything unrelated to the group itself would be deemed undesirable. Your end goal is to promote yourself, but there are other ways to get there besides selling yourself. For example, if you have a business Facebook page that posts content regularly, then sharing your content onto social pages can help promote your business on Facebook. Along with that, you can sell products on group pages by using Facebook’s “For Sale” feature. This feature makes you an admin of a group to place your products, prices, and delivery location on your group pages. Speaking of, the best way to involve yourself in Facebook groups is to make one of your own! 

Among your co-workers and peers, having your own Facebook group can be a great way to communicate in a private forum and share ideas and interests. Besides inviting Facebook users to follow your business, it can be the perfect place to provide customer service. In an open forum, groups like these are great for asking questions and for getting help, so providing a group that can provide  service to its customers can be very useful. However, one thing to keep in mind is you should be careful about what kind of group page you make. On Facebook’s help center page, you can create three types of group pages: open, closed, and secret. Open and closed groups have can both be searched or joined by anyone, with the exception being that a user would have to ask to join a closed group. Secret pages, on the other hand, cannot be searched and are privately maintained by the admin of the group page and can make for great private customer service pages. 

Furthermore, what makes social groups great is the feedback you as a business can get. Providing a new level of customer-to-business relationship is far more important now than ever before thanks to social media networks like Facebook. Overall, creating a Facebook group for your business can provide a great venture for naturally connecting with your customers.